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April 20, 2018

How To be more Effective in My Business?


The self-confidence, the confidence that you have of your criteria and the knowledge that the experience brings you are highly valued attributes within real estate, because this is the main basis of good decision-making when doing business . Achieving an agreement between two people who have different points and positions is complicated, but often depends on how you develop when presenting your proposals and how you visualize the different vertices covered by a negotiation.

Always keep in mind that you can not take things lightly when there is money at stake, much less when there is a reputation that must be maintained, so, devise a way to negotiate and establish connections with those who will be your Clients will give you an immense platform where you can project both your career and your earnings. Here are some tips that will allow you to make better decisions and also help you in your daily life more than you expect:

Take a deep breath and calm down:

Yes, even if you do not believe it, this is one of the basic tips when making decisions. Relax, breathe deeply, clear your mind, get away from it all for a short space of time and you will see how your ideas and sensations flow.

Analyze all the possibilities:

Study all the data, listen to all the parties involved, gather all possible points of view, list pro and cons, find the points where you have the most confidence and from there build your action plan. Do not let the situation take you by surprise, the better you do your previous research, the better the result will be.

Never forget:

Learn from your mistakes, remember what were the steps you took in making previous decisions and what were their results, draw conclusions from your victories and defeats, overcome fears or fears that may arise before you and examine in detail what your instinct says based on what you have already experienced and how your development has been in previous businesses.


Both when presenting your proposal and after doing it, it is very important to have a plan to follow which allows you not to feel adrift. Each possible scenario that you can think of will always give you an idea of ??how you can react. Have alternatives in case you have problems, the fact of being planned does not mean that your initial decision is wrong.

Face the risks:

In the real estate, the risks are daily bread, due to this, you must go little by little acquiring immunity to the decision making that produces that sensation of walking on quicksand. The moment you understand that mistakes are also part of the business, the better you will go.

The decision-making experience will be incorporated into you the further you get into business, so by being critical of ourselves and adding to our repertoire, better ways to react will increase our chances of successfully achieving all that let's go proposing along the path we are traveling.

Important Quote:

"Success is not achieved only with special qualities. It is above all a work of constancy, method and organization ".

Víctor Hugo.
Poet, dramatist and French novelist.

April 16, 2018

Maneras de Sorprender a tus Clientes


Cuando estas dentro del negocio del real estate, los clientes son primordiales para mantener un servicio en el tope de las listas de más buscados , por eso, el manejo de las personas y el trato agradable son estandartes a la hora de presentar tu asistencia a todos aquellos que estén interesados en contratarte. En un principio parecerá complicado porque tienes que enfrentarte a infinitas personalidades que van y vienen llenándote de deseos y problemas a resolver, pero con el tiempo y la práctica comenzarás a entender el poder que se obtiene al esforzarte en mantener a tus clientes más que satisfechos.

No podrás creer la cantidad de empresas o negocios que son capaces de desmejorar su trato con sus clientes alegando falta de tiempo o cualquiera de esas excusas que vives escuchando a lo largo de tu vida y no puede ser así, no puedes dejar a un lado a las personas que necesitan de tu trabajo porque estarías ignorando la misión principal de lo que haces. Debido a esto, aquí te dejamos las mejores maneras de sorprender a tus clientes y poco a poco obtener el éxito que quieres:

Hazlo sentir importante:

Muchos dicen esto y pocos cumplen con hacerlo. Es primordial que la persona que te contrata sienta que tu estas al pendiente de todo lo que necesita y resuelvas sus problemas porque de otra manera solo estarás dando un servicio sin ninguna conexión más allá de lo laboral y como consecuencia podrías estar perdiendo alguien que siga trabajando contigo o traiga más clientes potenciales.


Debes estar atento a lo que te diga, cada cosa que expresa es una puerta para poder descifrar lo que realmente la persona quiere y si no estás al pendiente de eso, la comunicación se quedara en un intento fallido.


Dale más información de la que te pida, intenta estar uno o dos pasos por delante de él. Este consejo está muy conectado con el hecho de escuchar y estar atento a lo que hace y dice porque solo así podrás establecer un plan de acción que te ayude a mejorar tu servicio.

Gánate su confianza:

Hazlo sentir seguro a través de conversaciones o reuniones periódicas donde tu trato y tu lenguaje corporal sea capaz de hacerlo sentir cercano a ti permitiendo que tus conocimientos también formen parte de ganar su total confianza y hacerlo sentir que todo estará bien.

Satisface sus deseos:

Tu estas aquí para cumplir sus sueños, por lo que, ir poco a poco satisfaciendo las necesidades que te presenta será la mejor manera de dejar una impresión positiva.

La atención al público es un arte que solo se puede mejorar poniendo en práctica tus conocimientos y enfrentándote de manera directa con el mundo del real estate. Organízate, ordena tus prioridades, establece un sistema que te permita poco a poco ir mejorando tu calidad de servicio y gánate uno a uno todos los clientes que contacten contigo en busca de ayuda.

Frase realtor:

“Cuanto más te involucres con los clientes, las cosas serán más claras y más fácil será determinar lo que deberías estar haciendo con ellos”.

John Russell.
Presidente de la empresa Harley-Davidson.

April 12, 2018

When should I buy a house


Every day hundreds of families appear wanting to acquire their first house, they go with the desire to be able to find their ideal place to establish their home and from there take root, of course, with a tight budget that they must know how to manage in order to acquire the best option within your capabilities. Throughout the year the market is moving depending on the influence of buyers and the needs that are most looking for at that time, so, choose a time to start the process of buying a house is a lot importance if what you want is to try to save a little. Because it is a long-term investment, you always look for the least amount of possible risks, since, it is not a simple purchase of an object and already, this can represent the savings of many years or a great sacrifice that goes in search of the continuous welfare of the buyer and his family. There will always be doubts, but the important thing here is to have a robust plan that is capable of supporting any improvisation that may appear along the way. At the end of the day, we are talking about a decision that changes the present and clears the future a bit.

Because it is a long-term investment, you always look for the least amount of possible risks, since, it is not a simple purchase of an object and already, this can represent the savings of many years or a great sacrifice that goes in search of the continuous welfare of the buyer and his family. There will always be doubts, but the important thing here is to have a robust plan that is capable of supporting any improvisation that may appear along the way. At the end of the day, we are talking about a decision that changes the present and clears the future a bit.

According to real estate experts, there are two periods of the year where the movement of buying and selling real estate in the market increases: spring and autumn, leaving winter and summer as stages where the majority focuses on the search for such real estate. If we stop for a few seconds to think about why we realize that between these periods of time is where we work the most every year and where the life of an average family is most active, this means that, in the months of holidays or festivities like Christmas the amount of home purchases go down because the money is directed to other points.

Then comes the question. At what time of year is it good to buy a house? The answer will come depending on your availability and the market dictates when you are available, for example: there are certain periods where the amount of purchase possibilities are low so the price may be cheaper, but, You can find yourself with few options, contrary to the periods when prices rise at the same time as the possibilities.

In conclusion, the advice we give you is to make an economic scheme that clears your ideas, study the market both personally and with the help of a real estate agent and once you have confirmed all the parameters to follow, you will discard options until that you find the house that you dreamed so much within the established budget.

Important Phrase:

"An economic study generally reveals that the best time to buy something is last year."

Marty Allen
Comedian, Actor and American Philanthropist.

April 11, 2018

Why do i have Debts?


Real estate is a place where investments are daily bread and the flow of money is relatively constant, therefore, those who are inside are people who know how to handle their profits and expenses very well, allowing them to have an economically stable life as long as conditions are given for it. Perhaps there is a mistaken perception that everything is a risk and that every time you must be prepared for greater danger, but you have to understand that although there is that basic quota of insecurity for not knowing what could come, almost all the movements that are They are always well studied and analyzed to avoid any inconvenience.

Most people do not know very well what the implications of having a debt are, many of them take it too lightly and when they try to understand well what it is all about, it may already be too late. Of course, there will be specific moments in which a debt may be necessary, more than anything, when we talk about future investments, but we must bear in mind that the reason for doing so must have sufficient weight. To understand the panorama a bit better, here are some of the most common causes for which people get into debt:

Mishandling of your money:

This reason seems basic, but you would be surprised to know how many people, despite knowing this, keep falling into their old habit of spending more than they are earning. As with most of these things, spending plans are always a fundamental tool to avoid this.


Both for the excessive price that can cost a normal divorce process in which there are no complications as the bad management of their accounts when they were a couple. It is not easy to find an account that can not be paid, much less when you do it individually.

Low income or underemployment:

This varies depending on your situation, an example could be that for medical reasons you have to lower the number of shifts you work and therefore there will be a decrease in your income. Another possibility is that you simply have a lifestyle that can not be paid for what you earn, but refuses to change it by bringing debts everywhere.

Medical accounts:

Everything that has to do with the health sector costs a large amount of money, so many times the insurance or treatment accounts that are being made consume most of what you have.


One of the most difficult situations as an adult in which you can be involved because many times people do not have contingency plans such as savings that allow them to stay stable until they find a job again.

Getting out of this type of situation can be difficult but it is not impossible, so to put effort into the situation and face it without trying to hide it or ignore it is the best way to solve it. Learning to manage your money will always keep you in a stable lifestyle where you can function freely and can live in the best way you can afford.

Important Phrase:

"Do not spend your money before you win it.".

Thomas Jefferson
Third President of the United States of America.

April 10, 2018

How To Make The Best Offer?


The offer is one of the most important moments in a negotiation, this is the one that allows you to make the first serious approach between your position and the position of the seller, thus initiating what could be the process of buying the house you love so much, Of course, you must take into account several points because you are probably not the only one who has made an offer and that can make you believe that you are not as close as you think.

You will have competition most of the time, you are not the only one who is looking for a house to buy and no matter how specific you are in the parameters, there will be those who think the same or similar to you, but do not despair, this does not mean that you do not you can buy your house, simply the best way to overcome this somewhat negative point is to overcome other offers in such a way that there is no option for more than you. The important thing here is that you are well decided and that you know how to put yourself in the shoes of who sells because only then will you find the best way to bid. Here are some tips that you can follow when you want to make an irresistible offer for everyone:

Study the seller:

You have to know what their motivations are, what their demands are, what they ask for and with what emphasis each thing asks, even investigate if they are sentimentally attached to the property because this will allow them to choose an offer strategy that Go directly to those points and make the seller feel good.

Payment method:

What motivates sellers the most when making an offer is that the payment method is cash only and that they also get as close as possible to the price they ask for, this guarantees you to be one of the most high and therefore, will bring the seller closer to what you offer. If you can not, do not send any offers until you have pre-approved a mortgage loan.


Check if the terms are important for the seller, this will help you to know if this person wants to sell in a simple and fast way wanting to avoid any inconvenience or delay. The more you understand the seller and the better you place yourself in their shoes, the closer will be your offer to be the winner.


Being one of the first to bid will put you in an advantageous position since many times the seller will take you as a point of reference for the offers that come later, if you managed to do the previous study and you are sure to be able to pay the highest possible amount , your probabilities will increase.

Write a letter:

This will seem a little outdated, but many buyers, especially those who are very attached to their homes, will welcome the honesty and transparency, so a letter expressing their wishes and also, be Totally sincere could position it as a main option for whoever is selling.

Many times buyers are discouraged by things that seem to take away options when buying a house but this is about perseverance, security and commitment to both the purchase and what the seller demands. More than half of the process is in your hands and it only depends on you to convince who could give you the house of your dreams , so, analyze the possibilities very well, study the aforementioned and send the best offer which you can not be rejected.

Important Phrase:

“Really successful decision making resides in a balance between deliberate and intuitive thinking”.

Malcolm Gladwell.
Journalist, Essayist and Canadian Sociologist.

April 6, 2018

Preguntas que debes hacer antes de comprar una casa!

Preguntas que debes hacer antes de comprar una casa.jpg

Adquirir una casa es un acontecimiento importante para la vida de una familia, por lo que, estar seguro de lo que se quiere siempre será más importante que cualquier detalle. Es normal tener ciertas dudas, sobre todo, cuando eres un comprador inexperto, pero no te preocupes, porque a la hora de comprar siempre te puedes dar el tiempo suficiente para pensar las cosas y para hacer las preguntas necesarias para que tu confianza por el negocio que estás por hacer se afiance.

Siempre debes tener en consideración cuales son los rasgos principales de la casa que estás por ver o que tienes como opción, saber cuáles son sus puntos positivos y negativos te permitirá valorar todas las posibilidades alrededor sumado a que, si tienes más información, tu decisión se irá aclarando con el pasar del tiempo. Así que aquí te dejamos algunas preguntas que siempre debes hacer antes de poner tu dinero en la compra de una casa:

Estado de la casa:

Si no sabes cuál es el estado actual de la casa, no sabrás con que problemas te podrás encontrar una vez hayas comprado. Cuál es el estado del techo, cual es el material del que está hecha la casa, cuantas reparaciones o remodelaciones ha tenido o que desperfectos posee son preguntas que te pueden salvar de una mala decisión.


A parte del precio estimado hasta el momento, debes tener en consideración otros montos como lo son los comparables de las casas similares a tu opción, ofertas recibidas por otros compradores e incluso, cuanto pago el vendedor en el momento que compró la casa. Esto te ayudará a sacar un precio estimado para tu oferta que esté entre los parámetros que has estudiado.


Es necesario saber el lugar exacto donde está la casa, ya que saber lo que le rodea, que tan lejos está de tu trabajo y que posibles atractivos están cerca te pueden ayudar a considerar o descartar esta opción. Pregunta si hay autopistas cerca, si hay sitios demasiado ruidosos, si hay escuelas cercanas o sitios de esparcimiento; dependiendo de cuales sean tus gustos, cada factor resultará negativo o no.

Electrodomésticos u otros:

Saber si la casa viene de alguna manera amueblada te ayudar a entender también el precio que tiene actualmente o cual podría ser tu próxima oferta porque muchas casas vienen con electrodomésticos o con ciertas áreas ya estructuradas. El estado que puedan tener dichos aparatos o muebles puede ser una condición para negociar por el precio final.

Tiempo en el mercado:

Aunque resulte innecesario saber esto, una de las primeras cosas que debes tener entre tus opciones para negociar es cuánto tiempo lleva la casa en el mercado porque si esta casa pasa los 60 días, esto te permitirá ajustar el precio final de la compra.

Todo esto debe estar siempre respaldado por un profesional del real estate, solo ellos saben cuáles son los reglamentos o leyes que te amparan como comprador y cuáles pueden ser los riesgos de ciertos movimientos, incluso pueden recomendarte preguntas técnicas para mejorar la recolección de información. No te arriesgues a cometer un error y contrata a un agente inmobiliario que complemente la información básica que puedes tener y dirígete directamente a la casa de tus sueños.

Frase realtor:

"No soy un producto de mis circunstancias. Soy un producto de mis decisiones"

Stephen Covey
Escritor Estadounidense.

April 4, 2018

Take Advantage of Spring, Buy a House!

Take advantage of Spring Buy a House.jpg

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, it brings that festival of colors and smells that characterizes it and motivates you to start over again. We know that in the world of real estate, spring is one of the most busy periods because it significantly increases the number of businesses and as a consequence, of customers to attend, so in these months that pass, a race begins to be able to buy the House that is so loved without another person or family taking it from your hands.

This is a stage of the year where the number of houses that enter the market is greater, as well as the number of potential buyers, which increases the competition that can have when you want to acquire a house, because of this, here We leave some tips that could help you to organize and increase the chances of buying a house like you want so much:

Find a Real Estate Agent:

Important to be an agent with experience, who knows the area where you want to buy your house and also have a good affinity with you. The relationship you have with your people will be crucial for the development of your purchase.

Decide what you want:

Because it is a period where many people are going around the home market, it is important that you know what you want from the beginning, this will allow you to get ahead of those who are still undecided and can buy the house you want without too many setbacks.

Define your budget:

Have your budget from the beginning, so your search range is lower and allows you to go directly to potential houses that encompass your parameters. Remember also to be a cash buyer since many sellers prioritize this type of buyers; if you can not, obtain a prequalification for a mortgage loan.

Do not loose your inspection Period

The security you will have about buying the house will depend on the results of the inspections. Do not avoid them, remember that it is better to prevent problems than to find them too late.

Surprise the Seller:

In this sense we look for a way to surprise the seller so that he has a good impression of our offer. Be determined, direct, get as close as possible to the price of the house, comply with most of the demands of the seller and be positioned at the top of your list.

Buying a house in case is not an issue that can be taken lightly and much less when you are in a period where if you fall asleep a moment they can take away the house that you thought was going to be the right one, that's why, before enter this period we recommend a previous study that allows you to reach the time of shopping and negotiations with a path traveled facilitating the trip to the house you had always wanted just this spring.

Important Quote:

"The opportunity comes like a snail, and once it's happened to you, it changes to a rabbit and it's gone."

Arthur Brisbane
Publisher and Real Estate Investor.

April 3, 2018

What does your client want?

What does your client want?.jpg

You will have heard inside the real estate thousands of times that saying that "the client never knows what he wants" and you have asked yourself if this phrase really is as right as they say it is. Perhaps most of you could correctly enter this statement, but it could also be understood that you are possibly wrong with the approach you have when it comes to serving a customer who is looking for your service.

Assuming what the person wants is not always the right thing and even, it is really dangerous, because it is believing in the thought that everyone has no idea what they want and that they approach you so that you guess by magic what they are your wishes; Nothing further from reality. Believing that it is not your job to satisfy customers will only lead you to treat those responsible for putting your work on high and, in addition, the fact that they can not express what they want in a good way does not mean that they ignore what do they really want? You have to be very careful with this topic because many times the bad experiences in the middle of a negotiation have a lot to do with this crucial step to establish a good relationship with the person who hires you. That's why here we leave you the things that your client wants and you should always keep in mind:

They want to be understood:

Even though it often seems that they can not express what they want, you must have the ability to understand them or ask the right questions to make the explanation clearer.

They want to be directed:

Even if they do not seem like it, they want to be led to the best possible solution, so they trust your judgment and your reputation when you are hired by them.

They want to be protected:

In this sense it depends on your capacity so that your knowledge is very well understood by your client. The more you know about what is happening and what is going to happen the more confident you will feel with the process.

They want to avoid any kind of surprise:

One of the main things that a customer always wants is not to find situations that get out of hand, so having a specific plan to follow that is known by all involved will increase confidence.

They want to be taken care of:

They want you to have time for them, they want their emails answered and their doubts cleared. Maintaining a correct contact with your clients will make them feel important because their desire is really important for them.

Customer management is not a simple issue, much less when the time is tight, so taking time to establish a good relationship with your user will increase personal benefits as well as your company or work. Remember that they are the base where your business is based and without them probably a lot of what you do you would not be doing, try the best way possible and that deal will come back in most cases.

Important Quote:

"The benefit in the business comes from repeat customers, customers who recommend your products and services and who bring their friends with them."

Edwards Deming.
American statisticia.

March 26, 2018

As an entrepreneur, should you buy some type of insurance?

As an entrepreneur, should you buy some type of insurance.jpg

The unexpected must always be taken into consideration no matter how unusual this sounds, we never know what may happen in the near future, much less know at what time a loss or disaster may occur, so prevention is paramount in these cases; Due to this, insurance policies are essential when it comes to wanting to protect your possessions since they give you that necessary mattress to be able to counteract any incident.

In the real estate, it is very important to acquire insurance that provides support in situations where natural force or negligence is opened, there will be events that escape your hands and being supported will always free you of the extra weight and work required Re-lift something that has fallen.

Most business experts always recommend being insured in any of their possible ways even though many flee the idea of doing so because they present a loss of money that could be worse due to the lack of vision that many entrepreneurs usually have. Therefore, here we leave some of the insurance you should have in your company to reduce the risk of loss:

Business Owners Policy (BOP):

It is an insurance package which is responsible for protecting your company from losses or problems that are more common. Included in this package is business interruption insurance, property insurance, vehicle insurance, liability insurance and crime insurance.

Worker's compensation:

This insurance covers everything related to injuries within the work area, so the employee is given a salary replacement in addition to medical benefits. It is important to note that, if you do not have this insurance, depending on the state you are in, this breach could bring legal complications that are very costly.

Professional Liability Insurance:

Also known as insurance of errors and omissions is an insurance that protects you from any damage or inadequate provision of services of professionals belonging to any firm such as: lawyers, accountants, consultants, notaries, other real estate agents, insurance agents, hairdressers and technology providers, to name a few.

Life insurance:

Both at a business level and at a personal level, this insurance is very important because it gives you peace of mind that your loved ones will not get a financial burden after the death of the insured. The insurer will be responsible for paying a certain amount to the beneficiary that you have established giving you the adequate protection and stability in this type of situation.

Property insurance:

This is a protection network that covers both the owner and the properties that belong to him. It depends a lot on the insurer, but generally this insurance is able to cover fires, vandalism, theft, smoke damage, etc. Another option that can be added is loss of profit insurance which is responsible for protecting your profits in case your company or business can not operate after what happened.

Realtor Phrase

"The best way to prevent something bad from happening is to see it coming ahead of time ... and you can not see it if you refuse to face this possibility"

William S. Burroughs. - Novelist, essayist and American social critic.

March 16, 2018

I’m almost Retired, What’s next?

I’m almost Retired, What’s next?.jpg

The years do not pass in vain, a life full of work and dedication undeniably will bring fatigue, so having a retirement plan that is able to give you the necessary tranquility to be able to live the following years takes more and more relevance. Somehow you should perceive an income of money that is stable enough, so many advise that time will be saved until you reach the point of being able to invest in such a way that the profits you report will help you in your day to day.

Investing in the real estate is one of the paths to follow when investing the money you saved or that you stayed after your retirement, since it is a place where the movement of cash is constant and if it is handled well, it creates Some slack that allows older people to have a full life in which they do not have to worry about if something may be missing. Knowing this and seeing more and more people enter this world, here are some recommendations for your retirement to be effective:

Analyze what you most want to do after you retire:

This always depends on what the people's priorities are and how they are looking at the scenario, so the clearer you have what you want to do, the easier it will be to elaborate the plan and start it. Think about whether you want to be closer to your family or if you want to be in a quieter place or if you want to start doing what you did not do before and that will bring you closer to your ideal place. Also keep in mind the care of your health to avoid complications that over the years makes it more difficult to attend.

Review all the information about your current financial status:

It means that you should be aware of your income, your social security (which you must have up to date to avoid any inconvenience or loss) and the retirement plans that you have due to the jobs you had They will be able to support the lifestyle that is to be chosen. It is not wrong to verify this information every so often with your accountant or with a professional who helps you in the organization of your accounts.

Have reserved cash:

Never go to invest with all the money you received from retirement, you may then regret or things go bad to the point of losing everything. It is important to be very careful and be careful in these cases.

Pay your debts:

It sounds logical, but we know that not everyone does this and that is why many retirees come to their retirement with practically nothing because almost everything they are about to earn does not belong to them. Being up to date with your debts is as or more important than saving or investing.


Many advise that although it is not close to retirement, it is important to always have a percentage of the salary aimed at saving and the future; some speak of 15% which is enough to create a security system that avoids a total loss or that you need money in a time of need.

Those who wisely manage their money will have the ability to give themselves the luxuries they want, so elaborating a retirement plan step by step, following it to the letter and not leaving any of the issues covered by this decision to stay on track. a comfort zone that you will appreciate at the moment that everything you prepared is necessary to use it.

Realtor Phrase

“Retirement can be an end, a closure, but it is also a new beginning.”

Catherine Pulsifer