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March 16, 2018

I’m almost Retired, What’s next?

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I’m almost Retired, What’s next?

The years do not pass in vain, a life full of work and dedication undeniably will bring fatigue, so having a retirement plan that is able to give you the necessary tranquility to be able to live the following years takes more and more relevance. Somehow you should perceive an income of money that is stable enough, so many advise that time will be saved until you reach the point of being able to invest in such a way that the profits you report will help you in your day to day.

Investing in the real estate is one of the paths to follow when investing the money you saved or that you stayed after your retirement, since it is a place where the movement of cash is constant and if it is handled well, it creates Some slack that allows older people to have a full life in which they do not have to worry about if something may be missing. Knowing this and seeing more and more people enter this world, here are some recommendations for your retirement to be effective:

Analyze what you most want to do after you retire:

This always depends on what the people's priorities are and how they are looking at the scenario, so the clearer you have what you want to do, the easier it will be to elaborate the plan and start it. Think about whether you want to be closer to your family or if you want to be in a quieter place or if you want to start doing what you did not do before and that will bring you closer to your ideal place. Also keep in mind the care of your health to avoid complications that over the years makes it more difficult to attend.

Review all the information about your current financial status:

It means that you should be aware of your income, your social security (which you must have up to date to avoid any inconvenience or loss) and the retirement plans that you have due to the jobs you had They will be able to support the lifestyle that is to be chosen. It is not wrong to verify this information every so often with your accountant or with a professional who helps you in the organization of your accounts.

Have reserved cash:

Never go to invest with all the money you received from retirement, you may then regret or things go bad to the point of losing everything. It is important to be very careful and be careful in these cases.

Pay your debts:

It sounds logical, but we know that not everyone does this and that is why many retirees come to their retirement with practically nothing because almost everything they are about to earn does not belong to them. Being up to date with your debts is as or more important than saving or investing.


Many advise that although it is not close to retirement, it is important to always have a percentage of the salary aimed at saving and the future; some speak of 15% which is enough to create a security system that avoids a total loss or that you need money in a time of need.

Those who wisely manage their money will have the ability to give themselves the luxuries they want, so elaborating a retirement plan step by step, following it to the letter and not leaving any of the issues covered by this decision to stay on track. a comfort zone that you will appreciate at the moment that everything you prepared is necessary to use it.

Realtor Phrase

“Retirement can be an end, a closure, but it is also a new beginning.”

Catherine Pulsifer

March 12, 2018

The Life of a Real Estate Agent!

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The Life of a Real Estate Agent!

Perhaps many who have been close to this world will be wondering how risky the real estate sector can be, what implications it brings to work within the purchase and sale, what disadvantages can appear when establishing a business or what are the biggest unknowns for those who work there. Like all work, it has endless pros and cons that every person who knows that he will work in this union must weigh and analyze, after all, it is an environment in which there are disadvantages and in turn, great victories that can fill anyone.

What people who have never had contact with this sector do not know is that it is full of small obstacles, that often what you think mighthappen the least will happen and even if you try to avoid it, it will happen for an agent real estate risk is something that you must learn to live day by day, knowing how to mold yourself to the circumstances that surround it and always maintaining perseverance and dedication to solve any problem that arises. This does not mean that everything is bad and that the life of an agent is full of bad moments; Difficultiesalways bring great benefits

Being a real estate agent represents a constant bet because having to show homes, having to establish and schedule visits or appointments, being present in inspections, conducting negotiations and also advising all types of clients does not represent a guarantee of payment, therefore, your work must be excellent and must be full of tools and outputs to realize everything that is proposed, although sometimes, everything goes differently than expected.

Investing is committing money to obtain a return or future gain, establish this and also make the study required for this to happen in a period of time is a difficult job added to the implications that brings the different changes that may occur to the long of the years; here move the different real estate agents that offer offers every day and go from here to there wanting to make the best possible investment and within them converge constancy, self-confidence and what they are doing, learning experiences or possible errors that are presented, patience and also, not to give up, because if something has this professional sector is that it fills you with great victories and personal growth that can only be limited by yourself.

Realtor Phrase

"The biggest, the only big advantage an investor has is not his IQ, it's patience and waiting."
Mohnish Pabrai. Businessman and investor

Feb. 21, 2018

How to build customer loyalty?

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How to build customer loyalty

We are not only talking about a client who is happy with our work, but a customer who feels so satisfied that his loyalty will demonstrate it by generating more clients, and at the same time, influencing the reputation of the brand through good comments, and making the product known to a sector that maybe, can not be reached with some types of advertising.

“The customer loyalty Influences reputation and goes further: he establishes the name through time.”

We can ask this important question for our business, why am I interested in customer loyalty? We have to remember that we are not just making a sale, we are making a client, and that to keep an audience that admires us, even if time passes and the times change, as did Coca-Cola or Harley Davidson, we must do loyalty plans that guarantee customers for life.

3 steps to build customer loyalty:

1 - Connect emotionally with the client

This does not mean that you should know all your problems and that you get involved in your private life, but it does mean that you must place yourself in the customer's shoes, know what their need is, and show them a level of trust that he can understand that you do not want to make a sale only you want to earn his loyalty and offer a service or a product that he values because he deserves it.

2 - Use email marketing

Your customers should be aware of each promotion, offer, discount and news you have, use this tool to always be informed of the highlights of the business, and place your brand in the ads you give, it is It is very important that each time you use this technique, you are remembered, your name and what you offer.

3 - Your customer is valuable, offer something special

Reward your customers with "something special" show that you are more than a customer, a friend and the best publicity you can have, and if you are a loyal customer, reward yourself in a great way, you he does not know who he is dealing with, maybe he is a man with great influence, with many contacts, or with potential sources that will help him maximize his business, that is why it is so important, the value deal, for all those who consider him as a good option where to invest.

A success story we should learn from

The Harley Davidson brothers looked for ways to connect emotionally with their audience, so much so that their company has this great phrase "We sell a style, a feeling of life. We deliver the bikes for free".

The brand became more than a sale of motorcycles, now they are known as a brand that predominates worldwide, which remains over time, and that dominate the motorcycle market.

You can also be a success case recognized worldwide, you should only establish a customer loyalty plan, execute it and analyze the points for and against; And keep in mind that it is much more important to generate customers, than to generate sales.

Sorely Loyo - Escritora

Sorely Loyo - Writer

Posted in Market Updates
Feb. 1, 2018

How Much Does My Property Cost?

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Is it the right price? Am I overrating my house? Or do I have a price below what you appreciate? These are very frequent questions, when assessing a property, and that is to instantly determine the value of a property inferred many factors, which can not be drawn only by "the sentimental value" that is believed to have, or just deduct it from apparently "what the eye sees". So we will answer some questions that you may have asked yourself when considering the value of your property:

How can I determine a fair price?

The price to pay, is the consequence of many analyzes, and of many investigations about how the market is handled, and how is the property as such, for example: where it is located, footage, floor, consortium, state, expenses, debts , legal problems, among other qualities.

Who is responsible for "the valuation of a property"?

An appraiser is the most convenient, and it is best to be recommended by a trusted real estate agent; "What a good appraiser has to do, in principle, is to interpret what is happening in the market, and then analyze what is the appraisal criterion that should be applied," advised INFOBAEprofesional, José Rozados, of Reporte Inmobiliario .

Does the location affect the price of my property, even when my house is in excellent condition?

If the property is in an area with all basic services and also has a peaceful atmosphere, or in the best areas to live according to real estate trends, it is possible that it is a good candidate for a high offer, since most people they look for properties that are close to schools, supermarkets or offices, and this is very likely to increase their value; On the other hand, if the location is far removed from everything said above, the value would decrease greatly.

What is the most important thing that the owner must consider when considering the price that was determined?

José Rozados, of He tells us: "The important thing, as owner, is to know why the appraiser reached a certain value and what criteria he used". If an appraiser can explain the "what" and the "why" then you can rest assured of the price that was determined. As a qualified real estate agent, I can recommend the best appraiser, and help you in any dilemma that is difficult to solve, and help you in a professional manner, by describing the different options for assessing the property.